Upgrade to Wakefield Park Raceway Arch

If you have been to Wakefield Park Raceway in NSW, you will know the arch that welcomes competitors and fans to the track.

Next time you visit you will be greeted by a newly renovated arch, featuring the name Toyo Tires, as part of new sponsorship that sees them become the offical tyre of the Wakefield Park Raceway.

Apart from motorcading the venue is also home to driving training and track experiences.

It has hosted V8 Supercars Development series and the Australian GT Series since it opened in 1994.

The circuit is known as a technical, tight circuit that pushes suspension and demands more from the tyre.

Trackschool owner JOHn Boston for one, thinks the arrival of Toyo Tires is an ideal fit for the circuit.

“Toyo Tires are perfect match for Wakefield. It’s been 12 months since we made the switch to the Proxes R888Rs and I am honestly loving them. I have been using Toyo tyres on and off the track throughout my career as a racing driver, driver trainer and track day facilitator,” Mr Boston said.

“All of our training vehicles and track day hire cars are fitted with Toyo Proxes R888R. They last longer, behave better and go faster. They are a perfect match for real drivers.

“Even at temperatures of 35°C in race conditions we haven’t had an issue, which is great from a safety perspective. The TrackSchool cars are usually driven by newcomers to track driving so the peace of mind of knowing that the tyres aren’t going to delaminate or do anything silly is a big plus for me.”

For Too Tires their marketing manager Jose Angeles the deal fitted with their focus on driver training and grassroots competition.

“Wakefield Park is for drivers. It is a track dedicated to making motorsport accessible, a goal shared by Toyo Tires and represented by the Proxes R888R – a bolt-on go-fast solution that is easy to manage, longer lasting and more affordable for track-goers of all skill levels.”

“The arch is a landmark. We are already seeing it pop up on social media as time attackers and track goers pose with their cars underneath.”

The control tyre of the Australian Pulsar Racing Association Series, Proxes R888R represents the evolution of the Proxes R888. The road legal race tyre delivers faster lap times and improved dry handling with no compromise on wet performance. With a range of fitments from 13 to 20 inches, the high-grip race compound is a bolt-on solution for club racers and performance enthusiasts.